Team Supervisor

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia

 Who are we?

Svante is a rapidly growing clean energy technology company making commercial-scale carbon capture and removal a reality and enabling global industries to play offense in the fight against climate change that will accelerate the global transition to a lower-carbon economy. The growing success of our company is owed to our commitment to our people, our emphasis on our values, and our innovative technology. Passion is put into what we do every day.

Who are you?

You feel passionate about changing the world and creating a better future for the next generations. You believe that climate change needs to be a bigger focus in order to protect our planet. You want to have a career with a high level of purpose that gives you opportunities to bring in innovation, work in collaborative teams and develop your knowledge. When faced with an issue you enjoy the problem solving journey and looking for the most effective solution. Your colleagues are able to rely on you for support and to deliver on your promises. You multiply your value by developing those around you by leading and coaching through the company vision, mission and values.

The Role of SAB Production Team Supervisor
Level Reports to: SAB Manufacturing Leader (SML)
Department: SAB Manufacturing 

The STS (SAB Team Leader) will own the On-Time Delivery of work orders to internal and external customers, Schedule Attainment, and the efficient utilization of labour resources to achieve these targets.

The STS will partner with the SML to deliver a Lean Manufacturing culture aligned with our values (see below). The delivery of the production metrics will be the ultimate product of this aligned culture at the STS & SML’s direction as the team delivers better quality, value, and reliability to the customer.

Management of the resources within the production team will be a large portion of the STS’s activities. Coupled with this is the monitoring and maintaining the team’s morale and career development, which will be supported by regular check-ins by the STS. This will include applying the right people’s strengths to the right tasks, ensuring the staff are trained for the process and environment that they are applied, and identifying & scheduling training required to maintain adequate coverage and cross-functionality. Jointly with the SML, the STS will ensure that the staff are working safely with the correct equipment, controls, & processes.

A culture of safety & continuous improvement will only be sustained if prioritized and resources are made available to the imitative. With support from the SML, the Lean Manufacturing Coordinator, and the operations team, the STS will allocate time, promote engagement, and participate in providing support to the production staff to achieve the objective of daily improvement.

The production team & the STS will share the responsibility of following the process as provided and assisting with the problem solving of issues encountered. Beyond that, further support will be provided by the STS for the production staff by identifying & clearly communicating the needs of the production staff to the support staff. This includes any shortfalls that may endanger customers’ expectations of receiving what they want when they want it (quality, value, & reliability).

The STS takes personal responsibility for the training, utilization and morale of the team and ensures that the team at all times represents Svante Goals and Values to internal and external


  • External and internal Customers – manufactured product as expected when it is expected
  • Manufacturing team – Culture, engagement, escalation of issues requiring support
  • SAB Manufacturing Leader – Culture, resource management, metrics
  • R&D – Access to equipment and resources for product development


  • SAB Manufacturing Leader – nurturing, training, development & vision
  • Operation team – Processes, specifications (QC), documentation, equipment, and jigs.
  • Supply Chain – The right QTY of purchased material at the right time & outbound shipping

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:

  • Ownership and delivery of Schedule Attainment & On-Time Delivery
    • Consult customers and suppliers, commit to and communicate on-dock lead times (First Promised Date) to customers and suppliers (internal & external)
    • Maintain production schedule
    • Efficiently manage & allocate resources to achieve metrics
    • Jointly set daily targets with production staff to provide alignment with customers’ expectations
  • Partner with QC to deliver FPY & Yield
    • Communicate QC issues
    • Help problem solve QC issues
  • Participate in developing an engaged manufacturing team with the drive and determination to meet production targets and to continuously improve 5S, tools and processes
    • Allocate time for the Production Team to participate in continuous improvement activities
  • Ensure team follows the processes provided
  • Communicate the needs of production team
  • Ownership of the skills matrix
    • Maintain accurate records
    • ID & structure training to provide a cross functional team
  • Champion safety
    • Solve or communicate safety issues
    • Drive a safety-oriented culture
    • Develop & deliver toolbox talks
  • Manage staff
    • Deliver culture
    • Recruitment of production staff
      • Recruit against production schedule needs
      • On-boarding
    • Manage holidays & time sheet approval
    • Staff check-in
    • Mentor & develop staff

Key Qualifications:

  • Attitude: Must naturally espouse Svante values and believe in our Goals and Objectives.
  • Being able to show evidence of leadership underpinned by a positive outlook, empathy, encouragement, and positive reinforcement.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage project timelines, critical paths, inputs/materials, & resourcing.
  • Strong communication skills – visually, verbally, & written.
  • Comfortable holding others accountable by clearly communicating requirements & expectations
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in Lean Manufacturing is paramount.
  • Being able to demonstrate excellent staff satisfaction is a significant advantage.
  • Must be willing to make a decision when required.
  • Strong process development skills, including the ability to improve existing processes, is desirable.
  • Mechanical aptitude is a definite asset.

Be part of a team that is tackling one of the largest challenges of our generation. As a Svante employee, you will apply your talents in ways that make a difference in our world by directly contributing towards technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.