R&D Technologist

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia

Svante is a rapidly growing clean energy technology company making commercial-scale carbon capture and removal a reality and enabling global industries to play offense in the fight against climate change.

Svante are using tailor-made solid adsorbents with very high storage capacity for carbon dioxide. This material after process consists of mixing, coating, printing, will be assembled to build structured adsorbent bed. The technologist small bed assembly responsible will work under R&D Program manager to ensure the delivery of  small structured adsorbent bed (kind of filter) VTS sized structure made from sorbent according to the R&D master schedule in addition to the completion of all of the relative documentation.

The quality and delivery of those Small beds are essential to the success of all of R&D programs. The technologist small bed assembly responsible will work in a cross-functional team and have full access to the testing results and will be in charge of bed autopsy and post-mortem analysis if requested. Svante is based in Burnaby, BC (near Vancouver), but will be looking for the right candidates from across Canada.

This technologist takes personal responsibility that, at all times, he/she represents Svante Goals and Values to internal and external customers and suppliers.


  • R&D Material team
  • R&D Structure sorbent team
  • R&D Scale-up team
  • R&D Process Engineering team
  • R&D Program Manager
  • R&D V.P.


  • External Vendors
  • R&D – Definition of Bed geometry
  • Process Engineering – process targets, objective

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:

  • Manufacture lab test station VTS structured bed according to bed build the requested specification and SOPs
  • Procurement of all materials needed for building filter structured bed and assembly
  • Test chemical and mechanical properties of sorbent sheets and stacks (bed’s components) if needed.
  • Ensure and collect that all of the documentation related to the bed is filled and easily accessible in one document (from sorbent material to VTS testing results)
  • Works with Program Manager and customers to achieved deliverables in the requested timeline
  • Create SOPs and standardize methods using Lean manufacturing
  • Present results to team members and other departments
  • Create experiment reports summarizing tests results.
  • Participate in the design and testing experimental instruments and equipment
  • Assist Structure sorbent team in evaluation/identification of alternate processes & formulation to assemble sorbent sheets and sorbent beds.
  • Organized bed structure Databases using queries search and facilitate the storage, modification, and deletion of data in conjunction with various data-processing operations.

Key Qualifications:

  • Experience: more than 3 years working experience manufacturing or R&D lab
  • At least one year experience in formulation work or forming of solids into continuous sheets and or laminate [preferably coating].
  • Knowledge: experience with handling sorbents laminate sheets and understanding of mechanical property testing.
  • Good knowledge of Office suite including database or creating complex document with functional links
  • Attitude: Must naturally espouse Svante values and belief in our Goals and Objectives, good team worker, detailed oriented, self-motivated, having verbal and non-verbal communication skills, having effective collaboration with other Teams.
  • Education: Mechanical, Chemistry, Physics, or other relevant work experience