R&D Program Management Director (PMD)

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia

 Who are we?

Svante is a rapidly growing clean energy technology company making commercial-scale carbon capture and removal a reality and enabling global industries to play offense in the fight against climate change that will accelerate the global transition to a lower-carbon economy. The growing success of our company is owed to our commitment to our people, our emphasis on our values, and our innovative technology. Passion is put into what we do every day.

Who are you?

You feel passionate about changing the world and creating a better future for the next generations. You believe that climate change needs to be a bigger focus in order to protect our planet. You want to have a career with a high level of purpose that gives you opportunities to bring in innovation, work in collaborative teams and develop your knowledge. When faced with an issue you enjoy the problem solving journey and looking for the most effective solution. Your colleagues are able to rely on you for support and to deliver on your promises. You multiply your value by developing those around you by leading and coaching through the company vision, mission and values.

The Role of Director of Structure Sorbent
Level Reports to: V. P. R&D

Be part of a world-class team that wants to tackle one of the most important challenges of our generation; low cost and high-volume capture of CO₂ (gigatons scale). As a Svante employee, you will apply your talents in ways that make a difference in our world by directly contributing towards technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Svante is a clean-energy technology company with a credible solution for capturing point-source CO₂ emissions and accelerating the global transition to a lower-carbon economy.

The R&D Program Management Director (PMD) will be responsible on the development and execution (technical, scheduling and cost) of all of the internal and external R&D programs at Svante R&D (> $3M). The PMD will play a critical role in creating a world-class technology that will be used for both point source and direct air CO capture. The PMD will also work with suppliers and partners as Svante expand to meet the global demand for CO capture.

Working within the framework of Svante Values and Goals the PMD will build and develop a team of specialists. This team will be critical in reaching the targets Key Parameters Indicators to fully reach the commercialization phase.

The PMD must have a demonstrable record of high level of expertise on creating and managing high complex R&D program in solid structure sorbent, adsorption or absorption processes or manufacturing of thin film using coating. Strong ability to deliver results in a cooperative and team-focused manner using a Lean culture is also of prime importance.

Proven track record of building highly technical teams, nurturing technical talent, and developing technologies in symbiosis with the VP R&D;


  • R&D Process team
  • External Financing Program (DOE, Universities, international labs)
  • Svante VP of R&D
  • R&D New materials team
  • R&D Structure Development and scale-up team


  • R&D Process team
  • R&D Scaleup team
  • R&D New Materials team
  • Structure Adsorbent beds team
  • Supply chain team

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:

  • Build, manage, and execute on different programs to meet the ‘’Technology Roadmap’’ to reach the Key corporate performance indicators for commercialization.
  • Collaborate with both internal and external R&D resources, alignment, and integration across technical and commercial functions internally as well as with R&D funding partners (ex. DOE).
  • Oversee R&D teams and related programs aimed at implementing, evaluating, and enhancing the technology and process applications from the laboratory to the first prototype.
  • High level analysis of scientific results, prepare technical reports, recommend, and identify improvements and optimization methods.
  • Creation and maintenance of process control documentation
  • Development and nurturing of the Structure Sorbent team to achieved employee empowerment and informed decisionmaking

Key Qualifications:


  • At least 10 years of experience in managing complex R&D program on CO2 absorption, CO2 adsorption or gas separation
  • Experience in the process, manufacturing or material development of CO2 absorption or gas absorption or gas separation


  • Excellence in converting scientific concerns and questions to design of experiments and high-level data analysis
  • Excellence in program management or R&D projects both in terms of agile technical ability, excellence in following-up schedules and costs.
  • Excellent in analytical and synthesize skills with ability to make high-level recommendations
  • Demonstrate written and oral communication skills in English
  • Good time management, with ability to organize, prioritize and meet deadlines


  • Must naturally espouse Svante values and belief in our Goals and Objectives.
  • Must possess excellent problem-solving skills in a collaborative manner.
  • Ability to work well with cross-functional teams and diverse groups of stakeholders
  • Highly focus on deliverables
  • High level of initiative
  • Strong attention to detail


  • PhD in Materials Science, Chemistry or Physics.

Be part of a team that is tackling one of the largest challenges of our generation. As a Svante employee, you will apply your talents in ways that make a difference in our world by directly contributing towards technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions