Mechatronics Test Engineer

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia

Be part of a team that is tackling one of the largest challenges of our generation. As a Svante employee, you will apply your talents in ways that make a difference in our world by directly contributing towards technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Svante is a clean energy technology company with a credible solution for capturing point-source CO₂ emissions and accelerating the global transition to a lower-carbon economy.

The Mechatronics Test Engineer is responsible for design specification and development of test equipment and test procedures, as well as preparing test samples and reports. This role collaborates with team members to provide testing support to Machine and Technology team in testing and validation of design of Structured Adsorbent Beds (SAB) and Rotary Adsorbent Machine (RAM).

The projects that Mechatronics Test Engineer will work on involves a broad spectrum of testing equipment, measurement devices, instruments, tools, and fixtures. She/he will be working closely with the Machine and Technology team members to understand their testing requirements and communicate the test outcomes to them.

Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

TCoE at Svante is a platform that provides test equipment, procedure, best practices, and standardized test methods to Machine and Technology teams. Working within the framework of Svante Values and Goals, the testing team provides testing capabilities to the Machine and Technology team, as a support to test and validate their designs and technology. The outcome of the testing team’s work will impact the product development path and will de-risk design decisions.


  • Machine and Technology Group- test equipment, procedures, samples, and reports

  • Supply chain – Purchasing support documentation

  • External labs- providing samples and specifications


  • Test group Leader – priorities, tasks, and technical support

  • Machine and Technology Group-Test re-quests and design specifications
    VPP – Vision, Goals and Objectives

  • Supply chain – Purchased parts
    External labs- Test results and reports

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:

  • Develop test procedures based on design requirements to verify engineering designs.
  • Perform and monitor test procedure, to ensure the collected data is precise and accurate.
  • Prepare test reports to summarize test outcome, observations, and collected data.
  • Analyze, refine, and interpret recorded data from tests to support the outcome of the test.
  • Design and develop test fixtures and equipment based on test request and specifications.
  • Investigate the issues that may arise during testing and resolve them promptly.
  • Prepare test samples to the test and design specifications, using in house tools or external vendors.
  • Communicate with external labs for expertise and resources that are not available in house, provide samples and specifications to them, and receive consultation and test results.
  • Collaborate with engineering team in maintaining a safe and clean fabrication shop and test-ing center.

Key Qualifications:

  • Experience: 0-3 years of experience working hands-on with electro-mechanical systems
  • Knowledge: Excellent grasp of first principles in mechanical and electrical engineering, and basic control systems (PLC, HMI, Labview, etc.)
  • Attitude: Must naturally espouse Svante values and believe in our Goals and Objectives.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree or Technologist diploma in engineering (mechatronics, electrical, or mechanical), engineering physics, or similar

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