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September 12, 2023


September 14, 2023


Edmonton, AB

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New Carbon Technologies: Innovations for a Low-Carbon Future
September 12, 2023 4:00 pm
Matt Stevenson,
Chief Revenue Officer

– What are the latest breaking news developments on new carbon capture technologies?
– Taking a deep dive into the latest developments in carbon capture and utilization technologies for building materials, fuels, and chemicals.
– Exploring the role of renewable energy in enabling carbon capture and utilization, and the potential for using solar energy to power DAC technologies and carbon utilization processes
– To what extent can DAC help offset emissions from hard-to-decarbonize sectors like transportation and heavy industry?
– What are the challenges of scaling up new carbon technologies, and the policy and regulatory frameworks needed to incentivize investment and deployment at scale?
– The importance of public engagement and education in building support for new carbon technologies and driving behavior change to reduce emissions.

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