CFD Specialist

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia

 Who are we?

Svante is a rapidly growing clean energy technology company making commercial-scale carbon capture and removal a reality and enabling global industries to play offense in the fight against climate change that will accelerate the global transition to a lower-carbon economy. The growing success of our company is owed to our commitment to our people, our emphasis on our values, and our innovative technology. Passion is put into what we do every day.

Carbon Dioxide capture and production using Structured Adsorbent Beds (SAB’s) relies on efficient delivery and removal of feed gases, conditioning gases, steam, and carbon dioxide to and from the adsorbents.

Who are you?

You feel passionate about changing the world and creating a better future for the next generations. You believe that climate change needs to be a bigger focus in order to protect our planet. You want to have a career with a high level of purpose that gives you opportunities to bring in innovation, work in collaborative teams and develop your knowledge. When faced with an issue you enjoy the problem solving journey and looking for the most effective solution. Your colleagues are able to rely on you for support and to deliver on your promises. You multiply your value by developing those around you by leading and coaching through the company vision, mission and values.

The Role: CFD Specialist

The CFD Specialist is responsible for modeling gas flows to, from, and within the SAB’s. The analysis of these gas flows must consider both steady-state and transient behavior, as well as the adsorption/desorption interactions within the SAB’s.

The CFD specialist will support the Gas Flow Team by informing and supporting the definition of the Rotary Adsorption Machine (RAM), including inlet/outlet piping, ducts, seals, bellows, and the SAB’s in collaboration with Research & Development, Product Manufacturing, and SAB Engineering.

This role supports the execution of Gas Flow Development technologies in assigned product and technology projects. As a fluid dynamics subject matter expert, the CFD Specialist will inform key stakeholders about CFD theory and simulation in order to achieve assessed target values with simulation.

As an engineering leader, the CFD specialist will be expected and encouraged to provide support and mentorship to all members of the Core Product Technology team. The CFD Specialist is responsible at all times to represent Svante Goals and Values to internal and external customers and suppliers.

CFD Tools and Techniques

Working within the framework of Svante Values and Goals, CFD members of the Gas Flow Team identify research, develop and maintain the key technologies required for the movement of gases through Adsorbent Machines, delivering all technical data required for the manufacture and implementation of ducts, nozzles, flow chambers, and connections in the form of technology packages to be integrated.

As a resource to the Core Product Team, the CFD Specialist will prepare simulations to inform design direction and optimization for all flow-related sizes, geometries, and connections. The CFD Specialist will be expected to be able to translate SolidWorks CAD to CFD meshing using ANSYS SpaceClaim. The knowledge and use of CFD meshing tools, such as the Fluent Mesher, ANSYS Mesher, and/or any other meshing technology within the ANSYS toolbox will be required. CFD simulations are to be performed using ANSYS Fluent and/or ANSYS CFX, depending on the proper applicability of the code to the solution. Post-processing will be performed in ANSYS Fluent, CFD Post, or ANSYS Ensight. Final reporting of results will be expected using standard company templates in Microsoft PowerPoint and Word, with expertise in Excel for aiding in boundary condition development and post-processing needs.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:

  • Perform computational fluid dynamic simulations to inform designs and optimize the flow and distribution of gases.
  • Help guide qualification methodologies to correlate simulations to experimental data for the validation of designs.
  • Work cohesively with CAD engineers to create robust CFD meshing.
  • Work at a team to determine the accuracy of completed simulations via internal meetings and reports.
  • Develop automation techniques for submitting CAD cleanup, mesh generation, simulation set-up, and running of simulations on cloud infrastructure
  • Create documents and data related to gas flow simulation, reports, and validation

Competencies required:

  • Experience: At least 5 years using ANSYS Fluent or Siemens Star-CCM+ and experience with steady-state, transient, and sliding mesh models preferred. Proven ability at applying CFD to engineering design improvements.
  • Knowledge: Mastery level understanding of computational fluid dynamics, excellent grasp of first principles in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, mechanical and/or chemical engineering.
  • Attitude: Must naturally espouse Svante values and believe in our Goals and Objectives.
  • Education: Engineering to, at least, degree level

Be part of a team that is tackling one of the largest challenges of our generation. As a Svante employee, you will apply your talents in ways that make a difference in our world by directly contributing towards technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.