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Capturing Carbon Directly at the Source

Svante carbon capture technology traps carbon produced from industrial flue gas emissions generated from the production of cement, steel, ammonia, aluminum, methanol and hydrogen. We are an non-intrusive end-of-the-pipe solution for existing industrial infrastructure to deliver pipeline-ready CO2 for safe storage at giga-tonne (GT) scale.

The unique modular and scalable design of our technology position Svante to capture carbon and to provide carbon to the industries the world relies on to build and sustain modern communities, all while preventing CO2 from entering the environment. Pre-engineered solutions are packaged for each application.

The capacity is scalable in multiples of individual rotating adsorption machines (RAMs) either 30 tonnes per day (TPD) or 1,000 TPD size depending on the flue gas composition and product purity requirements.  Future development will allow us to scale-up the RAM up to about 3,000 TPD to meet the GT scale challenge.

Svante CO2 solutions are pre-engineered turnkey plants fully automated and customized for each application, including flue gas pre-treatment, RAM, and product CO2 dehydration & gas handling system.  The battery limit of each balance of plant is site-specific and can be integrated with off-the-shelf storage, compression or liquefaction units depending on the CO2 usage.  Pre-engineering solutions are packaged using the RAM model series described below.

Our Carbon Capture Solutions

Pre-engineering solutions are packaged using the RAM model series.

Commercial Series Carbon Capture

400 Model – Pilot Plant
30 tonne per day

1500 Model – Commercial Plant
from 500 to 1,000 tonne per day