Building a CO2 Marketplace – Energysource Innovation Stream with Svante

January 19, 2021 | Atlantic Council

Global Energy Forum 2021 | EnergySource Innovation Steam with Svante: Building a CO2 Marketplace 

Claude Letourneau, the President and CEO of Svante, returns to EnergySource Innovation Steam programming to discuss how to build a CO2 marketplace business model where policies, finance, and industry players are aligned and making money. Claude will specifically focus on the policies needed to deploy this CO2 marketplace, conducive to the commercialization of clean energy technologies. To realize this marketplace model, Svante is engineering solutions for hard-to-abate emissions, industry emissions tracking, blue hydrogen deployment, and removal of carbon from the atmosphere.


Claude LetourneauPresident and Chief Executive Officer, Svante Inc.
Moderated by
Olga KhakovaAssociate Director for European Energy Security, Atlantic Council