IEA’s Clean Coal Technologies Conference 2017

May 10, 2017 | Cagliari, Italy

Svante (formerly Inventys) presented at the Intentional Energy Agency (IEA) Clean Coal Centre’s 8th international conference on clean coal technologies (CCT2017) during May 2017 in Cagliari, Italy.

CCT2017 provided a leading international forum for the showcasing and discussion of clean coal technologies and Inventys gave a first-look at its techno-economic analysis of using advanced materials in its structured adsorbent technology. The presentation, subtitled, “Simulation and Cost Analysis of Structured Adsorbent CaptureTechnology with Advances in Materials,” was shared by Svante Team Lead, Plant Process Engineering Rebecca Gardiner.

“Svante has successfully developed and tested a Mark I version of its technology and then used the test results to perform a detailed techno-economic assessment,” said Gardiner. “The Mark I TEA accurately estimates a three-fold reduction in the capital cost of our carbon capture technology when compared to a similar size of the incumbent technologies such as liquid solvents.”