Carbon Capture in 60 Seconds by Svante Inc.

Have you ever explained something to an associate and watched as he nodded along during your discussion only to have the first question asked indicate he really didn’t grasp much of what you were saying?

This happens often with technology companies, especially where a sophisticated process is involved. And when there isn’t a widget to show, it can be even more challenging to get a point across.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Same is true for the team at Svante Inc. when talking about the VeloxoTherm™ process. Our monologue often includes plenty of talk about structured adsorbents, carbon capture, rotors, seals, recovery, adsorption, regeneration, and a handful of three-letter acronyms like RAM and TSA. And while its second nature to the people here who have spent decades in the gas separation industry, it can come across like a blast of hot air to others.

“When you have a technology that is radically different than others in the same space, it can at times feel like we are speaking a different language and people can’t understand what we are saying,” says VP, Business Development Darryl Wolanski.

We’ve now taken the guesswork out of understanding our proprietary process with the launch of our first corporate video: Carbon Capture in 60 Seconds.

This multimedia animation of the VeloxoTherm™ process will help viewers better understand the following:

  • What is a structured adsorbent and what it looks like
  • How the VeloxoTherm™ process is different from conventional methods
  • Why we describe the process as continuous but then break it down to three steps

And, if you still have questions, post them here in our comments and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

Special thanks to Greg Best of Best Graphx for his patience and brilliance with the two-dimensional and three-dimension animation.