Svante Moves to Larger Facilities

CO₂ capture company triples the size of its headquarters

Nothing scatters friends quicker than saying you’re moving.

Fortunately, when Svante (formerly Inventys) recently relocated to a larger space we had a dedicated group of employees and some robust professionals to help with the heavy lifting, which included moving all the testing and demonstration units.

Our new location, which is more than triple the size of the previous site, provides dedicated space for the state-of-the-art analytical lab, testing facilities, and manufacturing center as well as sufficient office and meeting areas.

This is the fourth move for the company that started eight years ago with weekly meetings in the CEO’s condo.

Relocating to a new 20,000-sq.-ft. facility reflects the progress of its commercialization strategy and the company’s commitment to its unique CO₂ capture technology. Adding a manufacturing division enables the independent fabrication and assembly of the customised VeloxoTherm™ structured adsorbents.

“The new manufacturing department supports the delivery of our upcoming pilot plant and will accelerate the rate of deployment of our projects,” says VP, Operations Paul Towgood. “This represents another achievement in our commercialization plan.”

Svante’s new site will also accommodate the further development, testing and deployment of customized CO₂ capture processes.