Inventys Appoints Daryl Musselman as New VP Manufacturing Operations

VANCOUVER, British Columbia —August 31, 2017 — Inventys announced that Daryl D. Musselman, PhD, P.Eng. was recently appointed Vice President, Manufacturing Operations, filing a strategic position as the carbon capture technology company builds the world’s first pilot-scale plant using structured adsorbents to capture CO2 for Husky Energy.

“Daryl has unique experience in the gas separation business and comprehensive understanding of structured adsorbent bed manufacturing process,” President and CEO Claude Letourneau said. “Furthermore, with more than 25 years’ experience as a mechanical expert, he will be responsible for the strategy, planning, direction and execution for all of our manufacturing operations, including supply chain management, engineering group (manufacturing process and full turn-key gas treatment plants) and field services of gas plants.”

Dr. Musselman commented, “Inventys is pioneering the development of a compact adsorption machine to separate CO2 from dilute flue gas. This approach, in my opinion, has the potential to significantly improve the speed, size, and costs of carbon capture system deployment. I look forward to contributing to the commercialization of this technology.”

The VeloxoTherm™ System is a next-generation CO2-capture technology that has the potential to deliver breakthrough capture costs. By combining a uniquely patented solid adsorbent structure with a rapid cycling temperature swing adsorption process, Inventys has successfully demonstrated economical CO2-capture capabilities with its compact adsorption machine.

Earlier this year, Inventys announced plans to commission a 30-tonne per day (TPD) CO2-capture pilot plant to capture CO2 from a once-through steam generator (OTSG)  at Husky’s Pikes Peak South Lloyd thermal project. The pilot plant is planned to be commissioned in the fall of 2018.



Inventys is a clean energy technology company with a credible solution for capturing point-source CO2 emissions and accelerating the global transition to a low-carbon economy. The VeloxoTherm™ process combines Inventys’ patented Adsorbent Structure and rapid cycle thermal swing process to achieve unmatched economics. Unlike conventional methods, this three-step process maximizes carbon capture productivity, cuts capital costs, and reduces regeneration energy. For more information about Inventys and the VeloxoTherm™ process, please visit You can also connect with us on Facebook or Twitter @inventysinc.

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Inventys Moves to Larger Facilities

CO₂ capture company triples the size of its headquarters

Nothing scatters friends quicker than saying you’re moving.

Fortunately, when Inventys recently relocated to a larger space we had a dedicated group of employees and some robust professionals to help with the heavy lifting, which included moving all the testing and demonstration units.

Our new location, which is more than triple the size of the previous site, provides dedicated space for the state-of-the-art analytical lab, testing facilities, and manufacturing center as well as sufficient office and meeting areas.

This is the fourth move for the company that started eight years ago with weekly meetings in the CEO’s condo.

Relocating to a new 20,000-sq.-ft. facility reflects the progress of its commercialization strategy and the company’s commitment to its unique CO₂ capture technology. Adding a manufacturing division enables the independent fabrication and assembly of the customised VeloxoTherm™ structured adsorbents.

“The new manufacturing department supports the delivery of our upcoming pilot plant and will accelerate the rate of deployment of our projects,” says VP, Operations Paul Towgood. “This represents another achievement in our commercialization plan.”

Inventys’ new site will also accommodate the further development, testing and deployment of customized CO₂ capture processes.